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Loaded with Best Practices for Assessment, Marketing, Advertising & Sales Tactics, Unified Marketing Strategy will teach you how to make the adjustments you need to get remarkable results.

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Hi, I'm Jimmy LaSalle

I'm the author of 2021's #1 Amazon Marketing book, Unified Marketing Strategy, which has been helping business owners set up Unified Marketing systems for their firms worldwide. My companies have appeared in Inc Magazine, Entrepreneur, Freshly Inked, and I co-produce US History Repeated, currently ranked #9 of the top 50 U.S. and American History Podcasts in the world.
In addition to my writing and consulting, I am occasionally asked to speak at large companies and corporate events. Previous clients include NASCAR / ISC, Sinclair Broadcasting, Talladega, Deloitte, Aruba, DC Comics and more! Click here to learn more and submit a speaking request.

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Unified Marketing Strategy

I wanted to write a book that would help small and mid-sized business owners get a better understanding of the complete marketing picture. It’s not just a website. It is not just running some ads from time to time. A Unified Marketing Strategy connects the advertising messages and expectations to your sales team, and customer support.

The goal is to help choreograph everything, and build a powerful system that keeps new customers flowing through the business.

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In-Person Workshops & Keynotes

Differences between workshops and Keynotes

Our keynotes can cover the contents of Unified Marketing Strategy, or a variety of other topics listed.
Our workshops will be more hands-on with the specific businesses in the room.

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Consulting Engagements

With our busy schedule we are able to accommodate only a handful of engagements each month. We are able to discuss potential projects regularly, map out what would be involved and set it up for the soonest possible time. Some of these are more involved than others,

Outsourced Chief Marketing Officer

What if you could put your marketing hat away? What if someone else managed your vendors, campaigns, and helped you put more money into what was actually working and delivering results? What if your operational team were to become more efficient with better processes and systems?

Virtual Workshops

In the COVID-19 World the need has arisen for folks like us to do our thing remotely. We hope to be able to see everyone in person, shake hands, share drinks, laughs, and camaraderie in the very near future.


Frequently asked Questions

A professional speaker speaks for a living. They are usually subject matter experts and have three goals: to inform, to persuade, and to entertain. Public speakers write and deliver informative and engaging presentations, workshops, and speeches to a live audience. Their job is to impart key product or industry information in an engaging and innovative way.
The key marketing tactics used by Jimmy LaSalle are outlined in his book, Unified Marketing Strategy. The psychological process that any buyer needs to go through to make a purchase is composed of 4 stages. Attention, Information, Desire, and Action. The marketing tactics that Jimmy LaSalle implements are tied to one of those 4 stages and each tactic has a specific goal.

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Sharing Ideas and Information

I share my journey with other business owners in the hopes of passing along both what I learned as well as how to do for themselves what I have done for my clients for the past 20 years.
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