Are you planning a corporate event, or perhaps a sales and marketing summit for your team? Do you manage a group for small or mid-sized business owners? 

You may want to consider hiring a marketing keynote speaker.  

Here are some thoughts to consider when looking to hire a marketing or sales keynote speaker for your next event. 

Why choose a sales or marketing keynote speaker?

Hiring a marketing keynote speaker will provide your event, conference, or meeting with insight, inspiration and information. A sales keynote speaker or marketing speaker can elevate your sales and marketing strategy and provide an entertaining and memorable experience – with a presentation that will offer takeaway tools that can be implemented right away in your marketing plan. Providing a unique and outside perspective can help companies with employees that might be feeling burnout and frustration – hiring a sales keynote speaker is an active way to replenish and revive stressed teams.

There is also a long-term impact – your audience or attendees will recognize the investment you are taking to educate, support, and motivate them. For example, Jimmy LaSalle’s keynote speeches include entertaining success stories, as well as funny cautionary tales. The emotional connection the participants have with these stories create a lasting memory. Your audience will learn, laugh, and leave with marketing ideas they can apply to their day-to-day work, but also these stories create an imprint on the audience’s perspective, ideas and outlook for years. Additionally, to add to the lasting power of the event, if you choose a marketing keynote speaker who has published a book about marketing strategy, the information and lessons can be referred to even after the event is over. Using a book about marketing strategy as a gift and item for audiences to keep also shows your investment in your employees and acts as a bonus to those who attended the conference.

Though the conference can range from small to large, focused or broad, with topics from marketing and sales to business and finance, hiring a marketing keynote speaker can add a wealth of benefits to your business or event. Jimmy LaSalle performs keynotes for larger events as well as workshops for groups of business owners in smaller, more intimate settings. A good marketing speaker can adjust to your needs.

Also consider that marketing is a necessity for any business or organization – so even if the theme of your event or conference is not focused on sales or marketing, the topics covered by marketing keynote speakers can relate and can be applied to all forms of business and all types of audiences.

How to find the right sales keynote speaker or a marketing keynote speaker

Luckily, you’re in the right spot to find an experienced and entertaining marketing keynote speaker. To make sure you have found the right speaker for your event, consider some questions or criteria to help with your decision and to be secure in your choice:

1. Does the speaker present actionable takeaways?

You don’t want to choose a speaker to just fill an hour or more of precious time; you want someone who can help solve a problem or prevent one. Marketing keynote speakers have a particular expertise, and they can be entertaining and motivating, but you also want the investment to have real and lasting effects on the work going forward. Make sure your speaker presents action items that your team members can use. For example, one of Jimmy LaSalle’s keynotes provides the tools to identify customer pain points and then shows the audience how to position their services as the solution to clients’ potential problems. He provides sales techniques and ideas that can be implemented right away.


2. Will the content extend beyond the day of the event?

As we discussed before, one way the content can extend beyond the day of the event is with a book about marketing strategy or a similar subject that can then be used as a guide or resource long after the conference ends. Jimmy LaSalle’s book titled “Unified Marketing Strategy” is an example of the way content from a marketing keynote speaker can extend beyond the event. With the processes outlined in “Unified Marketing Strategy” and the corresponding keynote presentation, Jimmy will share the formula that helped make his clients and businesses successful.

Professional Speaker

3. Does the marketing keynote speaker present as a source of authority and experience?

Some research and interviewing of potential marketing keynote speakers will confirm if the speaker presents as a good source of authority and experience. With experience and accomplishments to share, the speaker will gain respect and attention from your audience. Jimmy LaSalle is an entrepreneur with the experience of starting several startups. He leads a successful digital marketing firm and is a former partner of a powerhouse marketing firm. Jimmy also hosts a podcast and puts together media plans and consults with marketing clients regularly. Finding a professional who has conducted hundreds of marketing webinars and online marketing workshops, like Jimmy, can reassure your stakeholders and team that your keynote speaker is a source of authority and experience.

4. Will the speaker fit your needs for in-person or virtual presentations?

Though this might seem like obvious criteria now with the increase of virtual connections, be sure the quality of the presentation and speaker is high no matter which setting you choose.

We’re proud to say Jimmy LaSalle not only meets all the criteria above, he will exceed all your expectations. Jimmy LaSalle will energize, enlighten and entertain. He has the intellect and experience to impress and relate to your audience.

What are my first steps to hiring a marketing keynote speaker?

Now that you have decided on hiring a marketing keynote speaker and found a speaker that meets your criteria, start with a request for more info and check availability. Next steps depend on the processes of each involved party, so those details are up to you. If you’d like to learn more about Jimmy LaSalle as a marketing keynote speaker, you can find more information here

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