Are you looking for an engaging speaker for your next sales conference or corporate sales event? Jimmy LaSalle has been called “one of the most entertaining and insightful sales and marketing speakers.” A published author with Unified Marketing Strategy, he shares his sales & marketing best practices and processes with entertaining success stories, as well as some very funny cautionary tales. Your audience will learn, laugh, and leave with sales techniques and ideas they can implement right away. Check availability, discuss your upcoming event, or put a date on hold now.

All of our programs are available both in-person, as well as virtually. Jimmy has conducted hundreds of sales trainings, workshops, and keynotes. Jimmy’s experience in keeping audiences engaged has been proven time and again.

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Keynote Speakers for Sales Topics

Jimmy LaSalle’s Most Popular Sales Keynote Speaker Topics for Audience Engagements:

  • Steps of the Sale -

    This is a very effective sales program. We go through the steps of the sales processes, discuss ideas to create better habits and instill more structure into sales presentations. We will make your best sales people even better. We can do shorter workshops or presentations that focus on specific steps of our process: Needs Analysis, Presenting Solutions, Closing, and Overcoming Objections.
  • Probing / Needs Analysis (Sales) -

    This presentation is a piece of the main Steps of the Sale Program. It focuses on uncovering the needs and/or pain points of prospects. We discuss the style of questions and how to build questions and gather information. Jimmy makes it quite entertaining with his injecting stories of both good and bad sales experiences.
  • Presenting Solutions & Closing (Sales) -

    This presentation is a piece of the main Steps of the Sale Workshop. In this shorter presentation, we discuss how to best present a solution that is built off of the needs of the customer. Then, we review how to transition this solution and develop closing techniques that will help them generate more sales, and at a faster pace. If you want to reduce the amount of time that prospects spend on your sales pipeline and close the gap between presentation and close, this is the presentation to book
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  • Overcoming Objections and Closing (Sales) -

    This workshop is a piece of the main Steps of the Sale Presentation. This Sales Keynote focuses on Objection Handling Processes. We review how to get to the root objection, which is the real reason that the prospect is not buying, then how to present your solution again and properly close the deal. It is a tried and true process that has helped thousands of sales people overcome injections, ourselves included!

Frequently asked Questions

A sales keynote speaker will present sales related workshops, and keynotes. The workshops, while entertaining, are hands-on, role-playing intense and can be focused on the steps of the sale, needs assessments, overcoming objections, closing, prospecting, and more. For sales keynote topics the goal is to inspire the salespeople to continue to develop their skills, set lofty, but attainable goals, and learn how to choose success.
Selling is not easy. If it was, everyone would do it. The sales motivational keynote is based on storytelling and challenges that have been overcome by me personally, people that have worked for me and other peers. These are mixed in with lessons and techniques for your sales team to take with them and incorporate into their own presentations. Coffee's for closers!
Most sales related keynote topics will include entertaining stories that drive home some key sales lessons. These can include the steps of the sale, overcoming objections, prospecting stories, closing deals, and how to ask needs related questions to bring out the pain points in a true needs assessment.
Like any sales call, I start my sales keynote presentations by building rapport with my audience!
Jimmy loves giving sales teams their motivational lift when giving his keynote presentations. His goal is to make them leave the keynote presentation like they were shot from a cannon! If you want to speak with Jimmy to discuss a motivational sales presentation, reach out on the website or through social media channels.

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