Hi, I'm Jimmy LaSalle.

I am a serial entrepreneur, podcaster, producer, and writer. My first book is a non-fiction professional book called Unified Marketing Strategy. It is for business owners, CEOs, and marketing professionals. With the processes outlined in Unified Marketing Strategy, I share the formula that helped make my clients and businesses successful.

I own and operate Keen Insites Internet Services (KeenInsites.com) along with several other startups. My sister Jeananne and I put out a podcast called US History Repeated. It is available anywhere podcasts can be listened to, or you can find them all at USHistoryRepeated.com. I also created, produced, and published a video series called Stories of the Ink. It is housed on YouTube and can also be found on Storiesoftheink.com. You can visit me online at www.jimmylasalle.com or on Twitter (@JimmyLaSalle2). Jimmy is available for speaking engagements and as an outsourced Chief Marketing Officer.

How My Work Will Benefit You

Hi, I'm Jimmy LaSalle.

I believe in Kaizen, the constant striving for perfection. (See Core Value #1 below)

The systems and processes found in Unified Marketing Strategy were designed to be a resource to help business owners continuously help their businesses continue to improve as they strive for hopefully a better and better desired state!

I regularly engage in consulting work for corporate clients, helping them build their own Unified Marketing Strategy. I also perform keynotes for larger events as well as workshops for groups of business owners in smaller, more intimate settings. (Please click here to submit a request)

The Core Values listed below have been developed throughout my career. I believe in them whole-heartedly and continue to apply these values to every business I own, projects I am part of, and in any consulting work I perform.

Core values

core values

Sharing Ideas and Information

I share my journey with other business owners in the hopes of passing along both what I learned as well as how to do for themselves what I have done for my clients for the past 20 years.
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