2021 Marketing Strategy Bestseller!

I highly recommend this book, for the beginner and even the most advanced marketing professionals .

I’m really an amateur at marketing and sales, but this book is a great utility and easy to read, I can grasp the concepts, and put into immediate use. It’s written for the layperson, and it’s easy to comprehend all the different strategies because of how well put together this book is. I highly recommend this book, for the beginner and even the most advanced marketing professionals.

Anthony Lisi

Unified Marketing Strategy

The essential guide for entrepreneurs.

A thought provoking, enjoyable and informative book. A must read for all entrepreneurs.

David Sutton

Unified Marketing

Unified Marketing Strategy: A thorough guide on how to Build a Strategy that Choreographs Your Advertising with Sales and Customer Support.

This innovative book helps you define the complete customer journey and choreograph the experience you want customers to have with your business.

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10 Things this book will teach you:

  • 1 Assess your business to understand your CURRENT STATE
  • 2 Assess and learn how to define your DESIRED STATE
  • 3 Learn how your customers find you
  • 4 Understand the consumer buying process / psychology
  • 4 Differences in Creative vs. Direct advertising
  • 6 Create a complete marketing and advertising plan
  • 7 Digital Media nuances, terminology, and how it all works
  • 8 Content Marketing best practices
  • 9 Steps of the sales process and overcoming objections
  • 10 How to choreograph the complete customer journey
Unified Marketing Strategy

Unified Marketing Strategy

Unified Marketing Strategy

I wanted to write a book that would help small and mid-sized business owners get a better understanding of the complete marketing picture. It’s not just a website. It is not just running some ads from time to time. A Unified Marketing Strategy connects the advertising messages and expectations to your sales team, and customer support. The goal is to help choreograph everything, and build a powerful system that keeps new customers flowing through the business.

Unified Marketing Strategy is my first published book and created to help business owners build successful systems within their organization, for CEOs to have a template to instruct and follow up with the C level executives on the big picture things to keep in mind, and marketing professionals to further develop their planning for the future.

I explain how to bridge all customer experience touchpoints from Advertising to Sales, to Operations and post-sale follow up.

About Jimmy LaSalle

Jimmy LaSalle is a writer, speaker, consultant, podcaster, and entrepreneur. He has an MBA in Marketing from St. John's University in New York. Jimmy was the Managing Partner for powerhouse digital marketing firm, Driven Local, until he and his partners sold the company in 2017. Today he manages his boutique digital marketing company, Keen Insites Internet Services, co-produces a podcast called US History Repeated, performs work as an outsourced Chief Marketing Officer, and enjoys writing books on business and self development, along with the occasional fun screenplay! His company has appeared in Inc Magazine, and he has been quoted in Fast Company and Entrepreneur Magazine. magazine, Time magazine, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and on CBS This Morning.

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Frequently asked Questions

Unified Marketing has become critical as media has become more varied and complex. Different people on your team are communicating with potential customers and existing customers. A Unified Marketing Strategy enables you to integrate traditional marketing channels with digital marketing, content marketing, your websites, sales team, and customer support. Messaging needs to be Unified across the organization for maximum impact..
A Unified Marketing Strategy utilizes all marketing channels, including advertising, sales, and customer support messaging to communicate with customers. The goal of a Unified Marketing Strategy is to choreograph consistent messaging from your organization to both external customers and internal staff. This starts with the media plan, continues through sales and then customer support. Unified Marketing Strategy builds on the concept of integrated marketing, which has demonstrated the benefits of using consistent creative themes across all marketing and advertising efforts. It is about consistency.

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