Are you looking for an engaging marketing speaker for your next conference or corporate event? Jimmy LaSalle has been called “one of the most entertaining and insightful marketing speakers.” A published author with Unified Marketing Strategy, he shares his marketing and advertising best practices with entertaining success stories, as well as some very funny cautionary tales. Your audience will learn, laugh, and leave with marketing ideas they can implement right away. Check availability, discuss your upcoming event, or put a date on hold now.

Jimmy LaSalle Marketing Keynote Speaker

All of our programs are available both in-person, as well as virtually. Jimmy has conducted hundreds of marketing webinars and online marketing workshops, hosts a podcast, and still puts together media plans and consults with marketing clients regularly. Jimmy’s experience in keeping audiences engaged has been proven time and again.

Jimmy LaSalle - Popular Keynote Speaker for Marketing Topics:

  • Unified Marketing Strategy -

    A formal presentation of the Unified Marketing Strategy concept and how to go about implementing it in your own firm. The presentation is based on the contents of Unified Marketing Strategy, written by Jimmy LaSalle.
  • Marketing & Advertising Planning -

    This in-depth presentation briefly explains the Advertising & Marketing 101 concepts and then builds on that information. We go into great detail on identifying customer pain points, how to position your services as the solution to their potential problem to help business owners be able to create their own marketing and advertising plan.
  • Advertising & Marketing 101+ -

    This is our basic advertising and marketing program. It is geared towards small and mid-sized businesses and covers basic advertising and marketing information.
Jimmy LaSalle Marketing Keynote Speaker

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I share my journey with other business owners in the hopes of passing along what I learned, as well as how to do for themselves what I have helped clients accomplish for the past 20 years.
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